We ....

Think that talk radio cares about us.
Drive through the ruins of black communities and still say they get everything.
Don’t speak up for right in the face of strong wrong.
Believe most of the hate we hear about other people. 
Let politicians manipulate our need to be heard.
Believe in women’s lib as a way to hire our own instead of one of them. 
Think most of our problems are about us against them. 
Want to be white more than right.
Have stopped letting political games confuse our best interests.
Put down the rich but still try to be just like who we think they are.
“the government gave immigrants jobs and free native land when they came to america so the we SOLUTION is amnesia.”
herd mentality
CLASS acts

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QUESTION: Who said, ”The most important thing is to not stop questioning?

ANSWER  Albert Einstein
Jobless workers place blame.  Think about “herd mentality” issues.  Share we-solutions for an issue that affect the working class and that can affect us all.  More KNOW us.wesolutions.htmlknow_us.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1
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Step out of our comfort zones. 

Nurture our SPIRIT. 

Don’t just take pride in formal EDUCATION. 

Educate ourselves. 

Take charge of our HEALTH. 

Recognize WEALTH as more than just money.

See COMMUNITY as more than us against them.

Treat each other like 
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