“with much of the world falling out of love with americans the we SOLUTION is to tell ourselves they’re just jealous.”
We ....

Want to believe in American democracy but fear it’s dying.
Like American people but think they’re too ignorant about the rest of the world.
Love American freedoms and wish they embraced us.
See nothing wrong with America except the people who complain about it.
Believe in America because we fled far worse in our old country. 
Like American money but not the culture.
Think American politics falls way short of American ideals. 
See Thomas Jefferson as both an architect of freedom and a sexual predator of slaves.
Wish America respected our culture.
Still believe that America can be a model of freedom and humanity.

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QUESTION: Who said, “You don’t live in a world all your own; your brothers are here, too”

ANSWER  Albert Sweitzer
Many people’s love/hate relationship with the United States has tilted more towards hate.  Think about “amer-schiz” issues. Share we-solutions for an issue that affects global communities and that can affect us all.  More KNOW us. wesolutions.htmlknow_us.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1
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Step out of our comfort zones. 

Nurture our SPIRIT. 

Don’t just take pride in formal EDUCATION. 

Educate ourselves. 

Take charge of our HEALTH. 

Recognize WEALTH as more than just money.

See COMMUNITY as more than us against them.

Treat each other like 
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