“some old people prefer to stay out of touch with changing times so the we SOLUTION is to ignore their timeless wisdom.”
We ....

Like to hear ourselves talk rather than listen to what young people have to say.
Know we were sold a bill of goods but we own it and we’re going to keep it.
Got religion late, looking for soul-saving insurance.
Still have trouble sorting out truth from just tradition.
Forget that we made the same mistakes that young people make. 
Believe in the myth of our own perfection.
Give the same bad advice that we got. 
Refuse to love anyway, passing on old hurts and grudges to our children. 
Recognize that each generation comes with its own insights and wisdom.
Romanticize lost youth instead of appreciating the gift of old age.
wisdom well
GRAND hands

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QUESTION: Who said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”

ANSWER  Thomas Jefferson
They’ve been there, probably done that.  Think about “wisdom well” issues.  Share we-solutions for an issue that affects the elderly and that can affect us all.  More KNOW us.wesolutions.htmlknow_us.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1
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Step out of our comfort zones. 

Nurture our SPIRIT. 

Don’t just take pride in formal EDUCATION. 

Educate ourselves. 

Take charge of our HEALTH. 

Recognize WEALTH as more than just money.

See COMMUNITY as more than us against them.

Treat each other like 
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