“sports is just entertaining big business so the we SOLUTION is to ignore the potential of athletes to bring us together.”
We ....

Keep competing when the game is over.
Resent young people’s success when our talents fade.
Always want to be seen and heard.
Do our best but don’t feel the need to look down on anybody else.
Struggle with team sports because we have to work together.
Finish everybody else’s sentence with a statement about “I...”. 
Do wrong and blame the game and not the player.
Only feel good about ourselves when we measure ourselves up against others. 
Don’t care to work with others if we can’t take the lead. 
Always put our individual achievement before any group progress.
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JOCK brains

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QUESTION: What trouble would Babe Ruth and some modern day athletes have in common? 

ANSWER  passing baseball’s drug tests
Many of us compete when we’re the only ones playing games.  Think about our “compete-itis” issues.  Share we-solutions for an issue that affects athletes and that can affect us all.  More KNOW us.wesolutions.htmlknow_us.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0shapeimage_16_link_1
Step out of our comfort zones. 

Nurture our SPIRIT. 

Don’t just take pride in formal EDUCATION. 

Educate ourselves. 

Take charge of our HEALTH. 

Recognize WEALTH as more than just money.

See COMMUNITY as more than us against them.

Treat each other like 
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