“many people mistake kindness for weakness so the we SOLUTION is to do unto others before they get a chance to do you.”
We ....

Feel more comfortable fighting than talking.
Sometimes struggle with conflicting hate and respect for our enemies.
Only feel at home with other veterans.
Feel like a shadow of our old selves, lost in nightmares about death and dying.
Don’t understand why people are so concerned with things that don’t matter. 
Feel angry but don’t always know why.
Have become all too familiar with sadness, mourning our lost selves and lost innocence. 
Can’t stand listening to small talk about war from people think they know the big picture and who would never serve. 
Shut down when we want to open up.
Know that God saved us and are determined to fulfill our purpose.
life shocked
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QUESTION: Who said, “The greatest threat to world peace is white fear”

ANSWER  Samuel Evans
To quote Churchill, “It’s better to jaw jaw than to war, war”.  Think about “life shocked” issues.  Share we-solutions for an issue that affects war veterans and that can affect us all. More KNOW us.wesolutions.htmlknow_us.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1
Step out of our comfort zones. 

Nurture our SPIRIT. 

Don’t just take pride in formal EDUCATION. 

Educate ourselves. 

Take charge of our HEALTH. 

Recognize WEALTH as more than just money.

See COMMUNITY as more than us against them.

Treat each other like 
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